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Maria Tregre began taking pilgrims to holy places in 1995 for her church parish in Lafayette, LA.  The first pilgrimage was profound and a deeply spiritual experience for everyone who traveled so her pastor asked her to plan and lead another.  Then another.  And another.

The fruits of these journeys were clear and actively manifested themselves within the parish and community at large.  Individuals’ personal, family, and spiritual lives were enriched.  Pilgrims were more engaged with their parish communities and had an energized zeal for living their lives for Christ.

Soon, Maria began to feel called to facilitate spiritual journeys full-time.  After some prayer and discernment, Magnificat Travel was founded and began Taking Pilgrims to Holy Places in 2001.

Since then, Magnificat Travel has organized and led thousands of pilgrims and missionaries throughout the United States and to over 20 countries.  God continues to bless the organization as it grows.


Why Travel on Pilgrimage?

When we travel to far away places, we leave our routines and what is familiar allowing our minds and hearts to be more open to God’s word and direction.  We essentially cleanse ourselves of the daily distractions and noise that sometimes impedes our ability to grow, develop, and appreciate our place in life and call from God.  We are committed to facilitating great travel experiences to all who are open to more than just a tour or vacation.  We provide spiritual adventures!


Mission Statement

Magnificat Travel is an apostolate that seeks to “Magnify the Lord” by supporting the ongoing conversion of pilgrims through facilitating and shepherding journeys to Holy Places.


Journey with us!

If you are ready to experience one of our current journeys or want to plan a new one, contact us.  We are always happy to work with both young and old pilgrims or parishes, ministries, and organizations.  Leaders can get free travel! We look forward to having you on our next journey!




Maria Tregre
Maria Tregre, Founder

Maria Tregre began taking pilgrims to holy places in 1995.

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Marty Hebert
Marty Hebert

Director of Marketing & Development

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Why Choose Us

Over 17 Years of Experience
Our staff has extensive travel industry and ministerial experience enabling us to offer a unique and quality pilgrimage experience.  We are family owned and operated from its inception in 2001.  It is also noteworthy that our team began planning and leading pilgrimages since 1995 long before Magnificat Travel became our full-time ministry.
Your Journey is Fully Escorted
The Magnificat Travel experience includes complete travel planning and free travel for the local group leader(s). A Spiritual Director – most often an ordained priest – leads each pilgrimage and carries out fully coordinated spiritual activities.   A trained Travel Escort accompanies each pilgrimage to coordinate logistics, enabling you to fully engage in the experience.  In addition, Magnificat Travel handles all registration & payment processing.  Payment Plans are available to help groups and individuals afford a pilgrimage experience.