Pilgrimage to Greece & Ephesus

  • Destination: Greece
  • Duration: 10 days

Date: October 4 – 13, 2021

Spiritual Directors: Fr. Rodney Bourg and Msgr. Frank Giroir

Travel in the footsteps of Sts. Paul, John and Mary on a pilgrimage to Greece and Ephesus.

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Greek Isle Cruise

The pilgrimage includes a Greek isle cruise to Mykonos, Patmos, Ephesus and Delphi.

For more information:
E-mail: info@holytravels.org
Phone: 337.291.1933
Toll free: 877.454.7469
Fax: 337.291.1935

Pilgrimage Highlights*

Greek Parthenon

Greek Parthenon

• Athens

– Monastery of Kaisariani
– Acropolis
– Parthenon
– Hadrian’s Arch
– Temple of Zeus

• Corinth

– Epidaurus

Mosaic of Jesus

Mosaic of Jesus

• Mykonos
• Rhodes
• Patmos

– Monastery of St. John

• Ephesus

– Temple of Diana
– Cathedral of St. John
– House of Mary

• Piraeus
• Delphi

– Sanctuary of Apollo
– Oracle of Delphi

*Based on availability

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