Hello Pilgrims,

As you all are aware, the world is acclimating to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus.  This is an unprecedented event that is reverberating around the world.  We are praying for both those directly affected by the illness and that it will pass us over sooner than later.  The entire Magnificat Travel team has been working diligently with our spiritual & group leaders, service partners, and pilgrims for the past few weeks as the situation has developed.  As you can imagine, it has been and continues to be very fluid.   This message will be updated as we receive new information from our spiritual directors, leaders, partners, and government authorities.

Our Status – Still Operational from June forward

We want to let you know that we are still operational, adapting to ongoing developments, and continue to accept registrations for future travel.  All pilgrimages from June forward are on as scheduled.  Like all pilgrimage companies, we continue to make pilgrimages available for future months and would welcome you on any number of journeys.  We appreciate all the pilgrims who have shown their support and enthusiasm to continue traveling with us!

Affected Travel in March, April, & May

We are initially reviewing and addressing journeys traveling in March, April, & May.  We are evaluating our options for each trip independently.  Due to flexibility extended by our partners and group leadership, we are sometimes able to reschedule journeys.  If you are registered for a pilgrimage in March, April, & May that is rescheduled and you cannot travel on the new dates, we will make other pilgrimages available for you to transfer to or allow you to maintain a credit with Magnificat Travel good for travel through 2021. 

We will continue to work with you, our group leaders and all pilgrims to accommodate everyone to the fullest extent possible.  We understand you have many questions about upcoming journeys.  Due to the high call volumes associated with March, April, & May travel, we’re requesting that you email us at info@holytravels.org with initial questions and someone will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you again for choosing to journey with us.  We are very honored that we get to take you and thousands of pilgrims to holy places!  We will keep you updated on changes to your specific pilgrimage or if we experience changes overall.

In Christ,

Maria Tregre

Founder, CEO, & Director of Travels